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The BERRI is a checklist of observable behaviours that may cause concern about a child or young person, within a home or school environment. It was developed by Dr Miriam Silver, Consultant Clinical Psychologist using focus groups of professionals and carers supporting children in foster placements and residential children’s homes.

The BERRI covers the following domains:

  • Behaviour
  • Emotional wellbeing
  • Risk to self and others
  • Relationships
  • Indicators of a developmental or psychological condition

It is not a diagnostic tool. The BERRI is designed to help assist staff in completing a comprehensive assessment of a child or young person’s needs, and in tracking how these needs change over time. We recommend that a BERRI is completed prior to any placement change, and then at 3 monthly intervals to track change.

The BERRI is ideally used as part of a wider system of psychologically-informed care and evidence-based interventions. The pathway should involve the implementation of a methodical system of assessing and tracking the needs of the children, and consultancy about how best to intervene to improve their outcomes. We recommend a process of regular information gathering, feeding into a formulation meeting that draws the information together and develops a care plan to address the needs of the young person. In this meeting, a small number of target behaviours are identified and tracked daily or weekly, and the BERRI system can produce graphs to show progress. It can also produce reports for individual young people, particular teams or population groups or across a whole service.

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